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Abdulquadri Abiodun Sotomiwa.

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I am an adept UX Designer, trained in Hong Kong and currently living in London, UK with over six years of experience designing consumer & enterprise software products in sectors that cut across Crypto, Health, HR, Agriculture, Finance, Real Estate, Education and Ecommerce.

Recent Case Studies:

Designing a full-circle digital healthcare provider app

How might we make a comprehensive primary and secondary medical services accessible anywhere, to everyone.?

Printhouse website
Designing a counterfeit detection and reporting app

How might we help end users of products (medicine, food et al.) verify the authenticity of what they are about to consume? How might we help manufacturers of these products track how their product moves through the supply chain, get feedback from consumers and make appropriate improvements?

Chekkit Mobileapp
Designing an app that makes it easy for business owners to purchase the best health insurance plans for their workforce.

How might we help business owners solve the problem of different health needs of their workforce? How might we give staff the freedom to choose the right plan that fits their needs?

rohealth exchange app
Designing an easy-to-use crypto exchange product (it's Shopify but, for crypto).

How might we help crypto enthusiasts own a crypto exchange business without having to worry about the technicalities involved in owing an exchange? How do we help drive crypto adoption in Nigeria with free customer driven tools.

Crypto exchange app
Designing a data aggregration app for real estate players

How might we demonstrate enough value to construction industry players to make them ditch their current manual and expensive data gathering research approach on African commercial real estate properties and use a more robust and centralized app?

Designing a people management tool for African small business owners

How might we help small businesses in Africa stay compliant and focus on their core which ultimately is "to make money" while we help them with administrative (HR) functions? How might we increase employee satisfaction?

HR360 by Abdulquadri Sotomiwa
Designing a product that opens up access to financial services for more than 20m people

How might we help people at the bottom of the pyramid get access to financial services? How might we help drive financial inclusion in a highly regulated space?

Printhouse website
Designing a service that upskills blue collar workers and places them in jobs

How might we help more than 10 million blue collar workers in Nigerian Youth Program improve their technical and management skills, investment strategies and access to financial services?

Affiliate Portal
Designing an app that helps users make smart decisions throughout the full cycle of owning and living in a home.

How might we help home owners, property buyers, sellers, renters, real estate professionals, investors and mortgage institutions find and share vital information about homes and real estate?

real estate app

Skills and Tools:

These are the skills that I’ve picked up over the years

User research & Usability testing
Visual Design (Adobe XD, Figma)
HTML, CSS, VueJS, PHP, Flutter
Professional Scrum Master

Dedicated and awesome designer. Abdul would make designs that are really appealing and centered around an effective human research process look easy. When you want something done well and fast Abdul is your person. I have enjoyed all the times we worked together, his willingness to explain every part of his designs with so much enthusiasm. Abdul is a good man and I recommend him if you want a great product.

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